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How To Become A Top Producing Agent Without Making 1000s Of Cold Calls While Spending Less Time Doing It

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How To Only Spend Time With Your Top Prospects

Most insurance agents aren't effective because they spend too much time with time-wasters. Watch this video to see how Set Show Sold enables you to only focus on your highest-quality leads.

How To Book More Appointments With Less Dials

Set Show Sold doesn't have a power dialer. It has a smart dialer. This enables you to only call your highest quality leads based on our proprietary lead scoring system that not only points out your top prospects for you, but nurtures them automatically and sends unique voicemails that fit where they are at in the sales cycle.

How Set Show Sold Generates 22% Inbound Calls On Your Leads

  1. We build your own system that is 100% customized to you.
  2. We automate the initial outreach to your leads.
  3. Our messaging is hyper specific to your leads and unique to where they are at in the sales cycle.
  4. This unique messaging resonates more and is happening for you in the background.
  5. The messaging calls your leads to either self-book appointments, or resonates so much that they CALL you

Our Thesis About The Insurance World

"Whoever converts the leads the best, is ultimately the winner."

You don't need more leads. You need to be the best at converting them.

If you convert your leads the best, you ultimately will be the winner.

Let's examine that:

If you are buying the cream of the crop, exclusive, direct mail leads - what will you pay?

Most likely between $50-80 per lead. Let's say $50 and you buy 50 per week - that's $2,500 of premium leads, we'll cover and adjust for less expensive leads a bit later on...

Let's say - you'll average around $1,200 or so in APV per deal.

You might have a great contact ratio at 75%.

You might have a great SET ratio at 50% of contacted leads (50% of contacted leads get set into an appointment).

You might have a great SHOW ratio at 65% (65% of SET appointments will SHOW up).

You also might have a great SOLD ratio at 50% (50% of SHOW ups result in being SOLD)

And an issued/paid ratio of 75% (75% of SOLD leads are actually issued and paid to you).

Let's examine what that truly means, using the lower end as an example:

  • $50 per lead at 75% contact ratio = $66.66 dollars per contacted lead.
  • $66.66 per contacted lead at 50% SET appointment ratio = $133.32 per SET appointment
  • $133.32 per SET appointment at a 65% SHOW ratio = $205.11 per SHOWed appointment
  • $205.11 per SHOWed appointment at a 50% SOLD ratio = $410.22 per SOLD lead.
  • $410.22 per SOLD deal at a 75% issue/paid ratio = $546.96 per commission.
  • $1,200 APV deal average - $546.96 average lead cost per commission = $653.04 in profit per deal.

That equates to a 9.14% ratio of leads to sales. Most agents don't even hit that number, which means that the true cost per commission/sale is even GREATER.

For example:

A 7.5% lead to sale ratio comes out to $667 per sale if you pay $50 per lead.

A 5% lead to sale ratio comes out to $1,000 per sale if you pay $50 per lead.

A 3% lead to sale ratio comes out to $1,667 per sale if you pay $50 per lead.

"Whoever converts the leads the best, is ultimately the winner."

Now Let's Factor In Your Time

80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact.

Let's say on average, 8 contacts per lead, per sale, but you normally set the appointment on contact 3.

And you spend 45 seconds waiting for the contact to pick up...

You spend 30 seconds leaving a voicemail per call...

You spend 45 seconds typing in numbers each time or fumbling through leads or getting distracted.

That's 45 + 30+ 45, or 2 minutes per lead per contact, before you get a hold of anyone.

And you do this 3 times to set the appointment, or 6 minutes through out your week per lead to get your first contact. (remember we're using 75% lead to contact ratio as an example).

If you buy 50 leads per week, that's 300 minutes, or 5 hours a week cold calling to contact around 38 of your leads.

Let's say your average phone call in order to get someone to set an appointment is 5 minutes. (remember we use a 50% of contacted leads to a SET appointment.)

That means you'd spend 5 minutes on half of your 38 contacted leads, or 19 x 5 = 95, or an 1.5 hours a week.

Of those 19 SET appointments, you'll get 65% to SHOW up, or around 12 appointments shown, which you'll potentially spend 15 minutes driving to, but let's just say an 45 minutes set a side per appointment. That's 8 hours of your week.

That means 7 didn't show up, and you probably wasted a 15 minutes or so waiting on them or driving to their house or whatever else could have come up. That's 1.45 hours wasted.

Of the 12 that showed up, you should have 6 sales at a 50% closing ratio. These 6 would take another 30 minutes or so, or 3 hours total.

Of these 6 sales, if 75% issue and pay out to you, that would be between 4-5 commissions paid, let's say 5 for arguments sake. Maybe there's a combined 1 hour between all 5 sales following up on the sale or checking payment status.

Now, at $1,200 APV per deal you're looking at $6,000 in issue paid commissions! Awesome!

Minus the lead costs of $2,500, so you're really down to $3,500.

Now accounting for the time it took to get here, around 20 hours.

That's $175 per hour.

Sounds great in theory...

  • Are you actually hitting those numbers?

  • But do you really spend that much time?

  • Do you even know that this is the way you should be thinking about your business?

  • Do you even have the capability and tools to track this?

"Whoever converts the leads the best, is ultimately the winner."

Okay, So What Is Our Theory?

If you convert your leads the best, everything else falls into place.

  • The lead cost.
  • The time commitment.
  • The work-life balance.

Everything that used to be an issue is no longer an issue.


Because you are converting leads at the best rate meaning you're:

  • Spending LESS time doing it.
  • Spending LESS money per closed deal.
  • Spending MORE time with your family.
  • Able to close LESS expensive leads.
  • Able to spend MORE time building your team.
  • Making MORE more per hour.
  • Spending LESS time per deal.


Set Show Sold

Set More Appointments™

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It's literally our name.

So when you ask "How do I achieve that?"

We are the answer.

At Set Show Sold, we help you achieve a more profitable insurance business.

  • We help agency owners become word for word definitions of success.
  • We help top producers become invaluable and irreplaceable.
  • We help new agents become top producers.

These Insurance Agents & Agency Owners Have Already Joined The Set Show Sold Movement

We've perfected this in many industries - and as an insurance agent you stand to benefit from our expertise and exclusive offerings for IMO agents and agency owners..

"Over $40,000 in closed deals in the first 60 days "

"Think about leaving no stone unturned and then think about taking out anything that's repetitious, mundane and time consuming."

Frank Brenes, The Brenes Agency Owner

"I closed a 6 month old lead after the automated system continued to follow up even after I forgot about them. Just one of many deals added by Set Show Sold."

STEPHEN BRENES, The Brenes Agency Owner



"Within minutes I had dozens of calls back, within an hour I had 3 appointments, within a day I had a $2,200 APV deal!"

MICHAEL VIGIL, The Vigil Agency Owner

"I don't know what to say... at 3:45 today I uploaded my leads into Set Show Sold. In less than a minute. By 4, I had scheduled an appointment that I was on the phone with for a while, as well as missed six other calls."

Jeffrey Benson, The benson agency owner

Beau Hirshfield, Agent with The brenes agency

Carrie Aguilar, The aguilar agency owner

Henry Lam, agent with the brenes agency

Courtney Mazurek, agent with the brenes agency


We've built Set Show Sold specifically to address these problems we've seen agents facing.

Ultimately, we help you Set More Appointments™.

You don't need to buy more leads. You need to be the best at converting them.

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